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Career to date


Contract Graphic Designer for board game development: March 2019 to Present

Big Fish Games

Casual Mobile Game Marketing: 6 yrs 5 mos


Environment Artist Intern: 7 mos

Venture Arts

Small & Corporate Business Marketing: 4 yrs 8 mos

Masterworks Associates

Direct Mail Marketing: 8 yrs 5 mos


Jason Hurst Frye

Bent on world domination, one pixel at a time. [Game Artist]

"One of first things that stands out to me about Paul outside of his exceptional layout skills, is his phenomenal work ethic. He doesn't stop until the job is done. Even under tight deadlines, he's able to squeeze out that last drop of design magic. His attention to detail, ability to research marketplace standards and deliver industry-relevant creative makes him a true contributor to any team.

The fact that he's genuinely a nice guy is just a bonus."

Brian Thompson

Studio Art Director, SkyRocket Studios
Big Fish Games

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Paul. His earnestness and optimism, combined with hard work ethic and professionalism makes him a delight to have on your team. Paul is a seasoned graphic designer with a career spanning print, web, games, and trade shows. Through it all he has used his eye for, and attention to detail and classic design to create tightly focused creative assets. Paul is at home designing campaigns that span numerous marketing channels, always keeping a close eye on maintaining brand voice and clarity of communication to the audience.

Paul is always finding ways to build culture as well. Whether it be hosting SketchClub, running TAG (Tuesday Art Group) in Seattle, or putting the word out about learning opportunities, Paul is passionate about art in all of its forms and is one of the most encouraging people I have met. Paul brings a constant optimism to his work and his environment just by being himself. It comes easily to him and he shares that energy freely. That is rare indeed.

Paul would make a solid contribution to any design team. And if you need some sculpture, that's a hidden passion and underutilized talent of his!"

Royden Lepp

Art Director, SkyRocket Studios
Big Fish Games

"Paul is a fantastical artist who is a humble, professional, hard working, collaborator. He makes smart decisions and asks the right questions and works towards the goals of the business.

Paul downplays his talent, often praising others before receiving praise himself. If you have the opportunity to hire Paul, do not hesitate. He will add value to your project and an atmosphere of collaboration to your team."

Bill McGuire

Senior Character Designer / Illustrator / Animator

"I worked on the Fairway team at Big Fish with Paul and I can easily say that I would recommend him for any marketing or design challenges he may come across. My job at the time was creating assets and game art and I never felt any hesitation in handing them over to Paul for marketing campaigns. He always stays true to the style and feel needed for any given campaign, and he does it happily.

Perhaps one of Paul's greatest assets is his love for the medium. Whether it's approaching the artists to tell them he appreciates them or setting up weekly meetings for artists to contribute and talk about their work, Paul makes it clear that he loves what he does. Paul would be a great addition to any team. I miss working with him."